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SOCIAL SCULPTURE I : 'CIRCLE OF FIRE' 2013 - Art Installation and Fire Ceremony by Marcus Maria Jung


This art Installation and fire ritual serves as a symbol for igniting the fire within as we observe, participate and experience the power of purification and transformation generated through destruction. The Circle of Fire serves as a powerful gateway for people to transition into a new alignment with their true and authentic self.

This is a collaborative event where art, artist and participant become one to create a space to bring about a new consciousness that is arising as an opportunity for all humanity at this time on planet earth.

The first installment of this fire ritual was held on the evening of March 30, 2013 as part of the 'Bridge to the Soul' new exhibition cycle featuring art inspired by Rumi initiated and hosted by Art 4 All People in Malibu, California. More events are currently in the planing stages, different cities, countries and diverse cultural backdrops are being considered to continue this exciting project and evolving it to the next stage.

'Experiences like that are what I live for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.' - Joseph D. Huska

                              "Creation And Destruction Are One And The Same"  Anselm Kiefer