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Trees have long held a central place in human life as sources of protection, symbols of life and archetypes rooted in the ancient religious traditions. The Mayan World Tree, the Buddhist Bodhi Tree, the Celtic Tree of Life, and the Judeo-Christian Tree of Knowledge are but some of the references to our sacred relationship to trees and their long standing history as places of pilgrimage, healing and wisdom.

Today, preserving the quality of the natural world has taken on urgent proportion and forms a crucible for the human condition. We are more aware than ever of the increasing need to restore the delicate balance between ourselves and the natural world.

As ancient links to our past and the keys to our future survival, trees form a crucial link in our sacred ecology.

'Sacred Trees' is a documentary film & art project initiated by marcus maria jung in collaboration with tree souls film and is currently in development. Please contact  tree souls film for more information on the status of this project and investment & partnering opportunities.

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